Wednesday, May 11, 2011


How could i had known that writing a love poem could be so heavy...,
how could i had known that forgetting a girl could be so painful..
nobody is perfect as their flaws are over looked with their positive thoughts
and smiles...nobody is correct when they tell fake lies with their negative minds
with a grim...
1 years has gone by ..i failed to love the girl of my life
as if i didn't know the way to love a person....
and nothing has changed since that day the final farewell and good bye...
now it became a memory
where can't seem to recall as it stays in my mind
the girl who i failed to love with my life
it's just as cold as winter
as i seat alone in the night
nothing left for this fallen soul
as the ship has set sail
with no return in site
as I failed
to ever love someone in this life ..... =[

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